Smiles, hugs and kisses

Make the worldwide go around

Lots of emotion does abound

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It comes beside a toffee sound

Go to the flying field and see

People interacting affectionately

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Embracing safely and joyfully

Saying bye tearfully

Greeting newcomers happily

Welcoming familiarized faces

Travelers from galore places

Weary from their overnight journey

Seeking several amiable company

A serving manus to convey luggage

Escort them to get their baggage

Secure earth transportation

To get to their destination

Others conscionable arriving to depart

Packing the right way is a occupation of art

Not transportation too some unnecessarily

Whereby you pay for unneeded dearly

Sometimes hosepipe reps are friendly

Comforting the perplexed soul

Who's unsound wheels don't roll

After keep an eye on in, on to security you go

To descend your backs for inspection

TSA doing their each day investigation

Of your prized personalized belongings

Oh, what joy a soft beam brings

When you're washed out by everything

Overwhelmed by all of the tedious

Travel items that heavily onus us

The formation regulations that interval us

"Open your laptop, cart off your shoes"

Dead worn out you proceed, but deprivation to snooze

After scanning all of your vital items

Suddenly you evoke something you did lose

After which you must go back, oval around

To observe for what you forgot in mislaid and found

All of this be carried codswallop makes you frown

Thankfully nevertheless on the whole cause is bound

To put in a joke, or kind, exhortatory word

To lighten, uplift, and keep up your inward world

Make you gurgle when you are horrendously bored

Entertain you as you swing frantically toward

Where you are attentively endeavoring to go

A placid smile assures and helps you know

You are not alone in this situation we telephone call life

Though you may be touring lacking your wife

Nevertheless people's smiles, hugs, and kisses

Not necessarily to you, but all nigh on nearly you

Remind you that nearby is high temperature and kindness

Which strengthens you to get finished all of this

Experience an pleasing excursion with happiness

Until you revisit to your treasured adult female to hug and kiss.

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