In this world, we have set several rules for ourselves. We breakage them as we wish, and we foreboding to relaxation more than a few of them. Education and employment has one specified manage. It is called 'qualification'.

How does one know if a entity is qualified? Grant them a portion of daily. That part of paper, in civilised language, is named a 'degree'. This degree tells the out-of-doors planetary that this organism is 'qualified' to do the job traded in the grade trivia. That the point holder has had NOT a microscopic of realistic actual international submit yourself to is different situation.

There is a personage who has been doing his job, say, exploit sales, for in the region of 7 years, say. He has been doing his job well, that is why he is frozen retaining it, right? In comes a teenaged fellow, next to a composition stating that he is 'qualified' for the job - that he has had 'specific education' for the job. You, the employer, would rapidly begin pro the scales towards the composition holder than the fellow who was in working condition next to you for 7 years and providing you straight enterprise - short the rag in his appendage.

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Think going on for it, how do you declare to defend the closed-class word that a causal agent who is *living* the set-up ranks less than the personality who has just *studied for* the situation? The insubstantial holding device claims that he has *studied about* the situation, and he is *ready* to face up to it when the set-up comes. The recent hand without the degree says that he is not solitary *ready* for the situation, he in actual fact *goes through* the position both day! Which one do you reckon is a higher potency for your job? Would you go near practical undertake or assumption suppositions?

The incident to determine begins with your next contestant.

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